Center for ASEAN Studies Profile
Fostering ASEAN Cohesiveness



In the past decade, ASEAN has transformed and underwent significant development. A variety of achievements have been conducted in the field of economy, politics, social, and culture have been attained, and magnified numerous global appreciation. But the ASEAN efforts in establishing firm cohesiveness among states in the region also attract numerous issues, both internal and external. In responding to such a dynamic, Universitas Hasanuddin has initiated to establish a Center for ASEAN Studies Universitas Hasanuddin (PSA-Unhas), which facilitates the epistemic community that is exposed to the regional organizational dynamics in the Southeast Asian Region. The Center focuses in analyzing issues that can be classified based on the ASEAN pillar, including ASEAN Political and Security Community, ASEAN Economic Community, and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community.


Discourse Focus

1. ASEAN Political and Security Community

This pillar will focus on ASEAN’s obstacles in the field of politics and security, such as the resolve of terrorism and transnational crime, food security, human rights, environment, South China Sea conflict, and counter-measures to natural disasters ASEAN Economic Community

2. ASEAN Economic Community

This pillar will focus on the opportunities and obstacles to accelerate economic integration in the region. Issues related are the cases of Global economic crisis, chain of commodity values in the region, counter-measures to poverty and social disparity, job markets, as well as government readiness in facing the ASEAN Economic Community.

3. ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community

This pillar will focus on ASEAN’s efforts in realizing the people to people connectivity as the highest possible achievement of the regional integration. Issues analyzed include the obstacles to education and cultural partnerships, as well as the role of youth in achieving ASEAN’s Socio-Cultural Community.



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