The remaining Course Syllabus will be uploaded once updated revisions have been concluded

001 Introduction to International Relations
002 Theories of International Relations
003 Gegrafi Politik
004 Politik Internasional
005 Internasional Law
006 Regional Dynamics of Southwest Pacific
007 China’s Political System and Foreign Policy
008 International Organization and Cooperation
009 Globalization

010 Terrorism and Transnational Crime
011 Diplomacy Theory and Practice
012 Regional Dynamics of Southeast Asia
013 United States Political System and Foreign Policy
014 Indonesian Foreign Policy
015 Methodology of International Relations
016 Foreign Policy Analysis
017 Australian Political System and Foreign Policy
018 Japan Political System and Foreign Policy
019 Regional Dynamics of Latin America
020 Maritime Policy Studies

021 International Conflict and Peace Studies
022 Human Rights in International Relations
023 Democracy and Global Civil Society
024 Environment Issues in International Relations
025 Negotiation skills and practices
026 International Issues Seminars
027 Regional Dynamics of South Asia
028 Regional Dynamics of Middle East and Africa
029 Border Studies and Transnationalism
030 International Business 

031 Security and Strategic Studies
032 International Relations and Local Autonomy
033 Regional Dynamics of Europe
034 Gender in International Relations

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