The IRSP curriculum are design and revised on regular basis with high considerations upon the institution’s vision and mission, the development of science and technology, and the needs of the stakeholders, that all are formulated in the Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs). The current curriculum was designed in 2015 and revised in 2017. It consists of 44 compulsory courses and 12 elective courses, which are divided into six categories of content:

  1. General Courses
  2. Courses on Conceptual Sciences
  3. Courses on Regional Studies
  4. Courses on Political Systems
  5. Courses on International Issues
  6. Courses on Diplomatic Skills and Foreign Policy

In order to complete the program,  students are required to take all the compulsory courses and at least seven elective courses, with the minimum total credits is 145 credits.

List of courses can be accessed here
Courses outline can be accessed here
Grading system can be accessed here
The 2015 curriculum can be downloaded (Bahasa Indonesia) here
IRSP Curriculum Sequence Based on Courses can be accessed here