1. Faculty Senate Room

The Faculty Senate Room can be utilized for the purposes of simulations related to the conduct of teaching and learning at the International Relations Study Program. The simulations range from the United Nations diplomatic sessions to simulations of the ASEAN organization. Students will use this room for simulations in the courses of diplomacy, negotiation, peace and conflict studies, regional studies, as well as other courses with simulation conducts.

2. Student Lounge and Reading Room

The International Relations Study Program has a student lounge and reading room. This room is specifically aimed to facilitate the needs of students, in the process of daily research, reading literature, as well as a general facility to relax and discuss matters, which can be accessed anytime. The room contains several computers for research purposes, sofas, and a plentiful of books to read.

3. International Relations Study Program Laboratory and ASEAN Study Center

a. International Relations Study Program Laboratory

The International Relations Study Program laboratory is a center for research that can be utilized by both students and academic staff of the study program. The laboratory contains a number of literature and teaching materials and is a great facility to enhance research collaborations with both internal (with students and other study programs) and external (higher education institutions outside of Universitas Hasanuddin) stakeholders.

b. ASEAN Study Center

The International Relations Study Program has been appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a higher education institution study program that facilitates the dissemination and development of ASEAN studies.