IRSP Laboratory of Hasanuddin University focus on three agendas; study, research, and community service. Laboratory is part of implementation effort of Tridharma of Higher Education Institution at the scope of Department of International Relations. Study activitiy covers General Lecture, Public Discussion, and Research Result Dissemination. In the field of research, the activities are drafting of research proposal for research partner, competitive grants, as well as independent and individual research. Furthermore, IRSP Laboratory is also responsible to ensure the research activity runs until the publication phase through monitoring and evaluation functions. In the field of community service, the activities are community assistance, Workshop, Training and Simulation. In its implementation, IRSP Laboratory has three main focus areas; Global Political Economy, International Security Studies, and Regional Studies.

Focus Topics

Global Political Economy:
This theme focuses on the contemporary global political economy regime and its actors interaction. These issues cover International trade, Development strategy, International Developmental Cooperation, Multinational Cooperation and Developmental Ethics
International Security Studies:
This theme focuses on traditional and non-traditional security issues. Traditional security issues focus on sovereignty, war, and threats against state existance. While issues of non-traditional security focus on human security, environment, and global terrorism.
Regional Studies:
This theme focuses on the dynamics that occur in a certain geographical areas. The issues are regional organization, regional economy and politic development, as well as the respective characteristic of each region.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Directorate of International Trade, Ministry of Trade
Embassy of Malaysia