Program title International Relations Study Program
Awarding Institution/Body Hasanuddin University
School/Faculty Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Department International Relations
Address Kampus Tamalanrea, Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan KM.10, 90245, Makassar, Indonesia
Contact Phone: 0411 585024
Fax: 0411 585024
Level of Qualification (Indonesian Qualification Framework) Level 6
Awarded title Bachelor in Political Sciences (Majoring in international relations)
Accreditation 1. A (by the National Accreditation Board since 2015-2020)
2. ISO 9001:2015
Mode of study Full Time
Student admission criteria High school graduates
Mode of entrance test National Entrance Test (SNMPTN and SBMPTN), and local test
Total credits required 144 credit hours
No. credits per semester 12-24 credit hours
Length of study 8 semesters (expected graduation)
Maximum length of study 14 semesters
Medium of instruction Bahasa

English (for selected courses)

Graduate profile 1.     Policymakers of Government and Non-Government Institutions
2.     Researcher and analyst
3.     Public Relation actors
4.     Entrepreneurship
Expected Learning Outcomes ELO-1: Demonstrate knowledge about concepts, theories, norms and values of international relations
ELO-2: Demonstrate an understanding of international relations actors, structures and issues of international relations
ELO-3: Demonstrate knowledge of maritime values and culture in the context of international relations
ELO-4: Formulate creative and effective solutions and policies towards national and international issues for state and non-state actors
ELO-5: Carry out proper international diplomacy and negotiation on the bilateral or multilateral levels, aligned with the roles and functions delegated
ELO-6: Apply mediation, arbitration, facilitation, prevention and resolution functions in conflicts at the local, national, and international levels
ELO-7: Implement critical and innovative thinking in the problem solving and decision-making process
ELO-8: Apply the principles of adaptability and entrepreneurship
ELO-9: Demonstrate teamwork capacity in academic and professional environment
ELO-10: Demonstrate an active capacity of communication skills
ELO-11: Implement principles of Pancasila, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, humanity, and religious values into personal and social life
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Last update January 2017