Become the center of excellene for Southeast Asian Social and Political Sciences through education, research, and community service in the field of International Relations.


  1. Educate and train students and other actors to study and analyze the study of International Relations in a professional manner,
  2. Conduct of assessment and research pertaining International Relations studies with the capacity of contributing and developing sciences, policy formulation, and establishment of a maritime-based world,
  3. Conduct of community service and cooperation efforts with formal and non-formal institutions (local, national, and international), related to international issues.


  1. To produce competent human resources that are able to develop and implement the International Relations science both within the scope of their respective profession and the general society in general
  2. To develop International Relations science that is applicable, solution-oriented and relevant with the efforts of achieving the national goals of Indonesia.
  3. To provide positive contribution to the stakeholders (government and society) in solving problems related to the relationship among nations, and to build a conducive environment that supports the process of education and development of international relations.