International Relations Department of Universitas Hasanuddin is the largest and oldest International Relations Department in East Indonesia. International Relations was born in 1980 as a study program that is part of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, and has transformed being an independent department since 2007. The use of ‘Department’ is due to the Universitas Hasanuddin Organizational and Conduct Regulation that was adopted that time.

International Relations Department of Universitas Hasanuddin is a academic discipline that has the largest amount of interests at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, with the highest passing grade. The competition level to be a student of International Relations Universitas Hasanuddin is so high that one seat is competed by 70 candidates. Therefore, International Relations students have a high average intellectual level.

Such a fact is supported by two essential issues: (1) Capacity of academic staff with International Relations competencies, (2) Curriculum that is able to produce graduates that are aligned to the job market. It has been proven through a variety of jobs attained by the International Relations alumni, spread in local, national and international levels. The area of alumni careers consists of government, journalist, social Non-Government Organizations, diplomat, entrepreneur, and politician.

All of the above factors are further supported by the facilities and academic culture that is consistently comprehensive, therefore those undergoing lectures in the International Relations Department can lead students to explore their potential, increase their learning enthusiasm becoming a long-life learner. This website is the basis for you to see the activities taking place at the Department of International Relations Universitas Hasanuddin. Welcome.