Expected learning Outcomes

  1. Effectuate principles of Pancasila in social life relations.
  2. Able to work independently and as part of a team in political-related activities
  3. Able to Classify Political Sciences in terms of philosophy, theory, concepts, methods, and history.
  4. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the political system and its components.
  5. Apply a wide range of political science methods and techniques in analyzing Political Phenomena at Local, National, and International context.
  6. Able to perform logical and critical thinking in data analysis to support an effective decision-making process to solve political problems inner and inter-
  7. Able to analyze political agency patterns to recommend suitable political behaviour to the community.
  8. Ability to composed political arguments into Oral and Written Forms.
  9. Able to Examines political system Best Practices of Maritime Indigenous Society Governance