Program Description:

The Political Study Program is under the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. PSP has 7 fields of study, namely political theory, political methodology, political analysis, public policy, political institutions, local politics and comparative politics. Each field of study has its own specifications and seeks to support the vision of the University’s maritime continent. In the developed political science study, PSP characterizes local values ​​in the learning material. This is especially evident in courses in the field of local political studies. And in an effort to keep abreast of national and international developments and dynamics, courses that are incorporated in the field of comparative political studies show the national and global vision of PSP)


1 Program title Political Science
2 Awarding Institution/Body Universitas Hasanuddin
3 School/Faculty Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
4 Department Political Science
5 Address Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan km.10, 90245,Makassar, Indonesia
6 Contact Phone: +62411-585024/Fax: +62411-585024



7 Level of qualification Level 6 (Indonesian Qualification Framework-KKNI)
8 Awarded title Bachelor in Political Science
9 Accreditation A –Accredited by National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN-PT) No. 2084/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/VIII/2018, valid until August 2023
10 Quality management system ISO 9001:2015
11 Mode of study Full Time
12 Student admission criteria ·         Senior High School graduates (or equivalent level)

·         Pass one of the entrance tests (SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and Local Entrance)

13 Mode of entrance test ·         SNMPTN (National Entrance Test for StateUniversity)

·         SBMPTN (Joint Entrance Test for State University)

·         Local entrance tests:

–       JNS/Mandiri (Non-subsidized path)

–       POSK (Achievement in sports, art, and science)

For more information:

14 Total credits required 144 credit hours
15 Number of credits per semester 12-24 credit hours
16 Length of study 8 semesters (expected time to complete the degree)
17 The maximum length of study 14 semesters
18 Medium of instruction Bahasa and English (for selected courses)
19 Teaching and learning strategies


Student-centered learning approaches


20 Assessment strategies


Various assessment strategies implemented and adjusted based on targeted ELOs
21 Career path Researcher, political expert, and consultant, political analysis, politician
22 Tuition fee Information can be accessed at
23 Facilities ·         16 fully air conditioning classrooms;

·         5 laboratories;

·         5 reading rooms and;

·         8 fully air conditioning meeting rooms

24 Last updated October 2020