PSP’s Students are encourage to participate in students organization actively. In PSP there is students organization that become opportunity for the students to encourage their leadership and organizational capability, the students organization in PSP is HIMAPOL (Political Science Students organization/ Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Politik). HIMAPOL is a students organization who actively conducts training for new students, collaborates with PSP for Political Leadership courses and collaborates with internal and external parties.

HIMAPOL conduct orientations for the new students in PSP in several phases wits its own purposes. The first is OPOSAN (psychic, brain and value actualization/ olah psikis otak serta aktualisasi nilai), the second is SIP (Self Introduction Program), Bina AKrab, and Politea Partita. Politea partita become the last stage of the orientation process in HIMAPOL so that in Politea Partita the new students has been confirmed as members of HIMAPOL