Vision & Mission



The formulation of the vision of Department of Administrative Science is in line with the vision of Hasanuddin University as a Center of Excellence in Human Development, Science, Technology, Arts and Culture based on the Indonesian Maritime Continent. The Indonesian Maritime Continent refers to a natural unity between land, sea and aerospace. This entity is uniquely arranged and displays the characteristics of continents with distinctive characteristics from the perspective of climate, water conditions, earth’s crust, biodiversity and socio-cultural arrangements (published in the 2030 Unhas Development Plan Book).

  1. Managing educational and teaching activities in the field of administrative science;
  2. Promoting research activities in the field of administrative science to contribute in society and the development of science;
  3. Engaging in community services through partnerships with various stakeholders.
  4. Enhancing quality of study program management on the basis of accountability, transparency, and participatory.
  1. Graduating a Bachelors of Public Administration who has knowledge and skill in administrative science, specifically in public policy and public management fields, able to compete in regional, national, and international job markets and contribute to society;
  2. Creating quality researches in the field of administrative science that supports the development of science and technology and affect society;
  3. Applying science and technology in the field of public policy and public management in the delivery of public services and solving public problems through cooperation with national and international partners.

Sector of Education

  •  Increasing qualifications of accepted prospective students.
  •  Enhancing quality of the learning process.
  •  Elevating qualifications of lecturers through further development program.


Sector of Research

Increasing number of lecturers who receive research grants both internal and external grants, such as the Ministry of      National Education,Local Government / City Government, national and international fundings

Enlarging number of scientific publications in accredited national journals and international reputable journals.

Strengthening networks cooperation with various partnerships local, national, regional and stakeholders international research activities


Sector of Community Service

Intensifying number of lecturers who received community service grants from both internal and external funding sources;Increasing number of scientific publications resulting from community service activities in accredited national journals and   reputable international journals;

Strengthening networks and partnership to increase cooperation for community service activities with domestic and foreign agencies.


Sector of Quality Department Management

  • Enhancing quality of assurance system through the improvement of quality assurance instruments / SOPs.
  • Improving quality of academic and student administration services.
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